Image show IronBourne logo Thus they are Bourne from Iron
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Heavy metal from Ludvika, Sweden

Image show IronBourne Thus they are Bourne from Iron


Thus they are Bourne from Iron

IronBourne Heavy metal from Ludvika, Sweden. Ironbourne was in the present shape initially formed in 2019. The name Ironbourne is sprung from the surroundings of which the music and heritage is formed. Proud people mining iron ore, and forming metal for at least two thousand years, sets the tone to both the lyrics, music and the black hearts of those who gave their life to mine and produce the precious iron.

Latest Albums

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Tour Dates

4.12.2021 - Storgatan 9, 771 30 Ludvika

MAZE night club, Ludvika

27.08.2022 - Lincoln Rd, Winthorpe, Coddington, Newark NG24, 2NY

Stonedead Festival, Nottingham NG24

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The self-titled album “Ironbourne” was well received, and Europe, as well as the US gave us top rated reviews, and many interviews followed.  Since we signed a worldwide deal with Pure Steel Records we got listeners and good ratings as far away as Japan and Brazil. The music scene may be damaged forever by the lockdowns, therefore we try to figure out what the next step will be, and keep ahead in case of artistery, performance, and ingenuity. Keep in contact with IronBourne here >>

Photo, Micael Carlsson

The image show IronBourne Crow emblem
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