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Information about privacy issues when visiting IronBourne’s website

Your privacy is very important to IronBourne, which means that unless you submit your personal data to us, you will remain anonymous.

When you visit our website, our web system automatically stores information, including details of which pages you have viewed (find out more below under ‘Cookies’). But unless you submit your personal data to us of your own accord, for example by completing a form, make a purchaise in our E-store, you will remain anonymous and the stored information is only processed for the purposes of general visitor analysis and statistics.

If you complete a form or make a purchaise or lease a review or comment you will no longer be anonymous

If you complete a form, make a purchaise, leave a review or write a comment on our website and send it to us, the personal data you submit in the form will be automatically linked with the previously stored, hitherto anonymous information about your visits. We may then use this data to send you marketing material about IronBournes’s customer offerings based on the areas you have shown an interest in. However, this will only happen if the way you use our website indicates that you are interested in receiving such information. We will never use the data outside our business, for example by giving it to a third party.

You will therefore be asked to give your consent to our processing of your data when you complete a form on our website.

Deletion of personal data

Your data will be automatically deleted if you have not visited our website for 3 months. You can also request that your data be deleted (pseudonymised) by contacting us at Note that a deletion of any personal data on the website does not delete any other possible data about you in IronBourne that we have a legitimate reason for processing in order to manage you as a fan, customer and audience.

Storing of personal data

Personal data submitted via a form may be forwarded to IronBourne units in countries outside the EU if the content requires this. The database in which the website’s personal data is stored is in Sweden and owned by IronBourne.

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